Friday, September 24, 2010

Football and Fall

Hi my beautiful little Angel.
It's Fall again and I sure have a hard time with my missing you. Maybe it's because it's Football season and I remember how much I had looked forward to dressing you up in your team gear and having you as a cheerleading buddy at your big Brothers games. Or maybe I just get reminded of how supportive Parkers football team was when you came and then left us so soon. I will never erase the picture from my mind of those awesome 8 year old boys standing around you at your viewing while Parker proudly showed them his little Sister. What an awesome team we had to help us through those weeks. Or maybe it's simply because your birthday is approaching.
Whatever the reason, I miss you so incredibly much, Bai.
There will be no birthday party, no pretty dresses and bows or cute little dolls to unwrap. There will be no princesses or fairy costumes at Halloween time.
What I do have, though, are dreams of what might have been and knowing that one day, it will be.
I love you, Bai. I think of you every day.
Keep cheering with me from Heaven.
Daddy, Mommy, and your brothers never forget you!