Thursday, June 4, 2009

8 Months.

Happy Birthday my sweet little Princess.

It has been 8 months today since you passed away. As always, I have been wondering what you would be doing now. It is so hard for me to remember when certain milestones are.
I have been thinking about you all week .. thinking about how you would have already been 8 months old on Tuesday .. how time flies!
Tonight, as I had been thinking about you all day, I saw a little girl at the table next to us in the restaurant while I was at dinner with my co-workers. I asked how old she was and, of course ... 8 months. She was so cute. The Mom proceeded to tell me how her latest "trick" was the "Uh Oh Game". She would throw her binky on the floor and then look from Mom to Dad to whoever was around and say "Uh Oh" "Uh Oh" until someone would pick it up for her. She did this numerous times .. it was so cute.
Her Mommy gave her a plate of broken up bites of breadstick to munch on and she LOVED it as she gummed them to death.
Now I know what you would be doing .. you would be enjoying munching on "baby bites" of food and learning new words and sounds.

I miss you my sweet little Princess. Have fun with all of your Angel Friends and know that Mommy never never forgets you.
I love you my beautiful baby!


Shanna and Regan said...

You are such a sweet mom! I think about you all the time...hope you are doing ok :) You are such an amazing example to me and I really look up to you for how strong you are to have gone through something like this. Your posts really touch me and I'm glad you post them!

Lars said...

Hugs! This is a great post. She knows you love her and remember her.

Living in pure chaos! said...

Bailey is so lucky to have a wonderful mom! This is such a wonderful post! Thanks for being so open about how you are feeling. She is missed here, and thought of often.