Friday, May 8, 2009

Things are looking up ...

As many of you know, I tried to get Parker into some counseling shortly after Bailey died only to be told that all of the groups that we had been referred to had LONG (like over a year long) waiting lists. I put him on all of them and decided that I would work with him on my own. It seemed to be working .. for the most part. However, as you know from my last post ... it seems that the "Mom counseling" isn't working as well as I thought. Because of this I decided to go back to trying to get him into some additional programs. I just told myself I was going to do it if I had to drive somewhere and walk in and sit there until I could talk to someone (I've had trouble getting people to return calls). Well .. I think we have some really good leads for some counselors. I talked to a few on the phone who were VERY helpful and anxious to see him. They emailed me a whole bunch of info and he will start seeing them one on one until the next group session starts. Also, we have applied to several different locations of "Camp Erin" for this Summer and he is SO excited. Last, but not least, we also met with the School Counselor to let her know what was going on and she is going to meet with him once a week until School is out for the Summer just to check in with him and see if he needs to talk about anything. (He had his first appointment with her on Thursday - I had forgotten - and he came home from School with the biggest smile on his face and telling me how great his day was! First time THAT has happened in a LONG time! YAY!)
Phew! What a relief! It has taken time but maybe I will get my happy boy back again after all. I sure miss his smiles.
I love you, Parker!

For those of you that are looking for resources for the siblings of your Angel, here are links to a few that we have worked with or looked into:
* Caring Connections - University of Utah College of Nursing
* The Sharing Place
* Camp Erin


Jen said...

I hope you can find someone to help your son. Kids tend to internalize things differently than adults. You have the right attitude, and I wish you and your family the best! Good luck and hang in there!

chiara said...

That is awesome Jenn! I'm so happy for you guys....I know counseling can help so much! I think about you all the time...if you guys ever need/want a "little girl love" I'll lend you Marley...really, anytime!