Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello my sweet little girl -
I went to visit you last week and take you your Christmas gift. It seems so unfair that I am running around everywhere spending money and finding the perfect toys, games, books, clothes, etc for your brothers and all I can give you is a Christmas wreath. Not only a Christmas wreath, but I have to make sure it is one that will live in the freezing cold, snow, and wind - outside. I should be buying you pretty little dresses, bows for your hair, baby dolls, and puzzles. I should be making sure you are warm and happy. I miss you my baby Bailey. I hope you know how very much I love you and that, although I don't get to spoil you now, you have all the love in my heart. Hopefully that is the best Christmas gift of all.
I love you, Bai!

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Hagen's said...

We love and miss her too. Thought of her often through the holidays and of you and your family too!
Hang in there!