Sunday, December 21, 2008

Parker's talk

I have been asked several times to post the talk that Parker wrote and then gave at Bailey's graveside service and I keep forgetting to do it.

As many of you know, when we were planning the program for the graveside service Parker asked if he could "say a few remarks". Of course we told him he could. I asked him a couple of different times if he would like me to help him write down his talk and he kept telling me "No Mom, I am good." To be honest, I was a little worried about what he was going to say or that he was going to get up there and freeze so I kept pushing. Finally he said to me "Mom, when you love someone you don't write down your remarks, you just speak from your heart." Boy did I feel stupid. How smart my little boy is and how strong!
Eventually, however, I did get him to write down some of what he wanted to say "just in case". He wrote almost an entire page of feelings consisting of "being able to play with her in heaven" and "loving her even if she was going to be in a wheelchair", etc. With my help he cut it down to a short but very sweet talk that he delivered so bravely at his sisters graveside service. Those words are below:

"I love my sister, Bailey, very much. I love her more than anyone in the World loves her. Me and my brother, Caleb, wanted to play with her and take care of her. When we found out she was sick I was very sad. I will miss her very much but know I can play with her when I see her in Heaven. My little brother, Caleb, doesn't understand what happened but I will tell him about Bailey when he is older because she will always be our Sister and we will always love her. Bailey will always watch over me from Heaven and be my Angel."

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