Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bailey's present

I have mentioned to many of you how very important it was to me to get a headstone to put at Bailey's grave. After all of the funeral expenses, the burial plot and the medical bills that we are still working through, I just couldn't find enough money to do it. Our initial goal was to do it for Christmas. It was going to be our Christmas present to Bailey. However, it quickly became very apparent that we still weren't going to be able to afford it that soon so I made an alternative goal - Bailey's 1st Birthday. I decided if I couldn't do it now then I would save and get it in to celebrate her 1st Birthday next year. This was the best I could do.

I visit the cemetary often - normally at least once a week. Everytime I go there I struggle because there is no headstone. I did have the funeral home make a temporary and it is actually much nicer than I expected so there is something there but it still breaks my heart every time I go for some reason. I can't explain it - I don't know why - but it really bothers me that we havent been able to properly mark her grave.

One day a few weeks ago my Sister, Melinda, called me and asked me if Chris and I could go to lunch with her that Friday. Of course I said "Yes". We set a time to meet and I didn't think another thing about it. However, as the day came closer, my suspicions (and Chris's ) became stronger. We had no idea what was going on but we knew something was. Finally on Thursday night (the night before we were supposed to be meeting for lunch) Melinda called me and told me she couldn't keep it a secret any longer. She was concerned that we were going to be upset with her and she wanted to tell me what she had planned. She had made an appointment for us to go and pick out a headstone for Bailey that she wanted to purchase for us. I was so happy I was speechless. I hated to accept such an expensive "gift" as I had been looking into them and knew how much they cost. However, I really didn't want to turn down the offer as I so wanted to get this done. I still have no idea how to show my gratitude to my Sister for this wonderful thing that she did for me!!!!

We met Melinda the next day and were able to pick out a headstone for our sweet Bailey. Melinda paid for it and made all of the arrangements to get it set. We were actually suprised to hear that they were going to be able to get it in before Christmas. How excited I was. As Parker put it - "It can be Bailey's Christmas present.". Unfortunately, due to the many snow storms that we have had over the last week and a half or so, they have been unable to put the stone in yet. However, we are still hoping that it can be Bailey's wonderful Christmas gift. I know that it is for me. I am so very grateful for my Sister and her willingness to help us do this. It is so important to me and I feel such a sense of relief knowing that it will be done soon.

Thank you, "Annie". We love you!!!


Jen said...

What a wonderful gift for you and your family! Knowing Melinda, this does not surprise me! She is such a sweetheart, as is your entire family. I remember them all with fondness, and you and your entire family are givers. This time, it's okay for you to receive, you deserve it! You have a great supportive family!

blairsblog6 said...

What a wonderful gift, and a wonderful sister! As I started to read this entry I was thinking, "I could send some money for Bailey's headstone." I am so glad for you and for Bailey too.

Diana said...

I met your father because he was born in Hiawatha and my mother was too....anyhoo, I lost a baby boy 25 years ago on Sunday. He would be 26 this June, so a very long time ago. I remember right after he died a lady (in her late 80's) in my ward in Santa Monica Calif. told me she had lost a baby 50 plus years ago, now 75 years, she said a day didn't go by that she didn't think of her baby, there was still days 50 years later that she shed tears for the loss. I can vouch for 25 years that I still cry for my Jarrod. Writing this and reading your story has brought tears to my eyes too. I too couldn't afford a gravestone, but some very dear friends couldn't stand that Jarrod didn't have a hearstone and said they would pay for one right then, for me to go pick it out and get it put on his grave and they would pay for it. I would pay what I could every month until I had paid for it. after less that a year of making payments every month, they told me it was paid in full. I will always remember that and appreciate their generosity at my time of loss, so I do understand how you must feel about your sister paying for the headstone for your little Bailey.... What a wonderful sister...Diana Downer Tallmon, daughter of Winona Beth Wardell for in 1923 in Hiawatha Utah.