Monday, March 9, 2009

Bailey's headstone

As all of you know, Bailey's headstone has been a MUCH anticipated "gift". It bothered me so much that we did not have a headstone on her grave and there was no possible way we could afford it with the pile of funeral and medical expenses we still have. However, my sweet Sister, Melinda, took us to purchase a headstone several months ago and it has just now FINALLY been put in. I am SO happy!

I had already made my weekly visit or two to "visit" with Bailey last week. However, I was on my way to see my Mom and Dad with the boys and I decided we would make a quick stop to check on things. (We had been having some MAJOR winds and I thought maybe we should check on the flowers to make sure they hadn't been blown all over the place.) Well, we pulled up thinking we would be making a quick "check in" stop and were SO excited when we realized that the headstone was there. Parker jumped out of the car and ran over and Caleb kept yelling for me to "get me out" of his car seat. It was obvious that it had just barely been finished as there was mud everywhere and our baskets of silk flowers were upturned next to our grave and blowing all over the cemetary. Parker and Caleb gathered them up and we got them all put back in the baskets and placed back on the grave.

In addition to the excitement we had over her headstone finally being in place, we had such a cute experience with Caleb there. I wasn't even sure Caleb would have any idea where we were or why. He is so young and has only been to the cemetary one time since the graveside service and he stayed in the car that time. However, as soon as he got out of the car he ran over to her grave and said "Mommy, Parker, Bailey sleeping in there" and pointed to her grave. I have no clue how he knows this - it is truly amazing how much little ones know and how in tune with their Heavenly Father and his plan they are. Once we got the flowers all cleaned up and took a few pictures we started walking back to the car and Caleb told me to "wait a minute" and went running back to the grave again. He started to pick up one of the baskets of flowers. I told him he needed to leave them there for Bailey and he looked at me with a stumped look on his face and said "But Bailey is sleeping". I guess he has a point - Bailey doesn't need flowers - she is sleeping! :) He is such a cute boy and I am amazed every day how much he understands. I am so very glad that he knows who his Sister is and that he loves her as much as we all do.

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Jennie Stephens said...

Oh jenn! I am so happy that she got her marker! I want to go with you one of these visits and see the head stone! It does put things in place when the little things in life come into place. does that make sense?