Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bailey is stable

We were told that it could take an hour or more to get Bailey stablized so that Chris could go in and see her. However, within close to just a half hour, they had already come to tell us that she was doing better than expected and .. she had no broken bones. What?!?!?!!! No broken bones???? But we saw them on the ultrasound. She has OI. How could they say that she has no broken bones now? What a happy day! Our Bailey was alive and doing better than we thought she would be doing. My sweet daughter was here!

As I laid on the operating table getting stitched up and listening, as best I could, to the discussions going on between the Doctors I couldn't help but be so very anxious to go and see my sweet Bailey. She was here - she was alive - and she wasn't broken.

I heard the Neonatologists ask for her cord blood for testing and it was taken to the window. And I heard them give Chris the update that she was stabalized and breathing with the help of a ventilator. I couldn't wait to see her!

Once I was sewn up and taken to recovery, Chris was able to go and see Bailey. He came back and the smile on his face told me that everything was going to be ok. Meanwhile, Julie from "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" had come to take pictures. My great friend, Heather, had set it up for them to come to take some pictures when we found out that Bailey may not survive so that we would have something to remember her by. However, now that she was doing so well, I hesitated to have her take them. However, she said she would take a few anyway. As soon as the Doctors said I could go Chris and our nurse took me in my bed into the NICU to see my beautiful daughter. We weren't allowed to hold her but I got to hold her little hand, kiss her little cheek and tell her I loved her. Julie took some pictures of us - one that will always be one of my favorites - and then I was taken to my room to begin my recovery.

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