Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ready for Bailey - heading for delivery

Well .. the time had come. We woke up bright and early (not sure that "woke up" is the right term since there was VERY little sleep that night) and called the Hospital at 5 AM to make sure they were still ready for us. They were on schedule so we headed out to be there by 5:30 AM.

We arrived at the University of Utah Medical Center and they took us right to our room to start prepping me for the C-Section.

Chris got ready in his VERRRY sexy scrubs (and footsies)

And we waited ...
and waited ...
and waited ...
(It took a little longer than planned due to the extra blood testing they had to do to ensure I was safe to have surgery due to my blood thinner, etc.)

FINALLY all of the Doctors had come in to see us, the Anesthesiologists, etc, etc. The only person that hadn't come in was the Neonatologists. They had told us they would visit with us that morning so that we would know they were ready and waiting for our sweet Bailey as soon as she was born. So I asked for them. Boy was I sorry I did that! Dr. Ward (aka "Dr Doom and Gloom" to Chris) came in and told us that we should not plan on the best .. that we should be ready for her to not make it. What a downer that was when we had gone to the Hospital feeling VERY hopeful. However, this Doctor was a Doctor we had never seen before - we still had the hope our others had given us. We were ready to go!

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