Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Bailey's Friends" fund

We promised that we would post more information regarding the fund that we have set up in Bailey's name. We will initially be using some of the money for our own medical and funeral expenses incurred during Bailey's birth and death. However, we are then going to continue the fund in Bailey's name and will be working to convert it to a 503(c) fund called "Baileys Friends" to help assist other Parents who experience the loss of a newborn. Our initial plan was to donate the funds to research for Thanatophoric Dysplasia. However, because this is a disease that really has no cure and can not be survived, we have decided, instead, to set the fund up to assist with medical/funeral expenses for Parents suffering the loss of their newborns instead. As we have gone through this experience we have realized what a burden the expenses can be when you are already suffering the extreme sadness of losing your Child. It is another stress that Parents shouldn't have to endure. However, it is real. Because of this, we want to help. We will provide more information as we develop our documentation for applying for assistance, etc. However, we wanted to let everyone know what we would be using this fund in our sweet Bailey's honor for.

Donations can be made at any Mountain America Credit Union to the account in Bailey Grace Blake's name. If you are out of State, you can go to your local Credit Union and give them Mountain America's information and they can take the donation there for you.
We appreciate your help during this trying time in our life and hope that we can continue to help others as we have received so much help. We honestly believe in "paying it forward".

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