Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The 20 week ultrasound

On May 19, 2008 Chris and I went to our 20 week Ultrasound. As any expectant family, we were SO excited to check and make sure everything was going well with our unborn baby and to FINALLY know FOR SURE if we were adding another boy or a girl to our gang. We had had some "ify" looks when they had to use the ultrasound to help find the heartbeat a couple of times and we were pretty sure we were having another boy. I love my boys, but I have to admit, I sure thought it would be fun to have a cute little girl to dress up and play with. Regardless, however, I would be happy with whatever I got. Chris, on the other hand, was SO sure that it was a boy that when the words "Oh yes - it is DEFINATELY a girl" were uttered, I think he went into shock. He SERIOUSLY didn't talk for the rest of the ultrasound and for an additional 2 hours afterwards. I thought he was mad. However, I figured out later it was really just shock.

(CUTE STORY INSERT HERE: Later that night we were getting ready to go to sleep and Chris says to me "Guess what?" I say "What?" and he says "I am so excited we are having a girl but if you ever tell anyone that I ever said that then I will deny it." Guess I am in trouble for sharing that now with the World, huh? Had to, though, it was so cute.)

Well, we continued the rest of the ultrasound - nothing out of the ordinary was said, we saw her heart, we saw her lungs, we saw all her parts. She moved around, she wiggled, we got pictures - all of the ordinary ultrasound activities. And then we were off to go and tell our boys that they were going to have a baby Sister - what a happy day!

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