Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nothing new

Hi everyone!
I have receieved so many emails and phone calls asking why I haven't updated on the latest Drs appts and I SOOOO apologize. I guess I didn't realize how many people were reading the blog to check on us. :) We REALLY appreciate it!
I have still been going to our numerous Dr appts every week - we just haven't gotten a lot of new news so I didn't feel there was a lot to put on here.
The only real change so far is that the final decision was made to deliver at the University of Utah Medical Center rather than IMC so that we would be close to Primary Childrens Med Center. This will make it much easier to transfer her for care after her birth (I believe we mentioned that in a previous post). When they called to get our C-Section scheduled at the new Hospital they were unable to get the same date/time so we did get pushed back a day. We are currently scheduled for Thursday, October 2nd at 11:30 AM instead of the original October 1st time. This may have to change because they really want me to go as early in the morning as possible due to the need to control my blood thinner medication, but as of right now - this is our scheduled time. We also have a new Dr who is going to perform the delivery. My OB decided to transfer my care to one of the perinatal specialists that we have been working with as well as the delivery. He said he "might" be there but most likely we will just use someone from the MFM office. As you know from earlier posts, we have seen a different perinatal specialist almost every appt. However, there is one Dr that has done the ultrasound review and met with us twice. She is the one that we have really liked the most and, luckily, that is the one that will be working at the U that day - YEA! Dr. Eller will be the one to perform our delivery. We were very happy as we have not been super comfortable with some of the others we have seen.
Well, that is about all we know for now. Next appointment is tomorrow, of course - an ultrasound and an AFI/Non Stress Test. If there is anything new to report we will definately do it!
Thanks, again, for all your kind words, support, and prayers. We love you all!

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Jennie Stephens said...

Wow, Bailey already has a her birthday set! HOW EXCITING! I have a good friend with a baby in the NICU still recovering frmo major surgery and other ailments. You may run into her and her hubby. Jane and Ben Durham. There little boy is Peter! I know all is go well with the delivery. You are in amazing hands. I am glad you will deliver at U of U, so close to Primary! This way You and Chris can woddle on over the bridge to go see her as you recover!