Tuesday, September 2, 2008


On August 2nd and 3rd, 2008 I was so sick that I couldn't stop throwing up. I was getting sick every single hour for almost 36 hours. On Monday, I finally decided I better call the Doctor. I was worried I was getting dehydrated as I had already been borderline at my previous appointment. The last thing we needed was for me to get severly dehydrated which could lead to premature labor. We needed to keep little Bailey inside growing as long as possible and I can't go in to labor on my own due to the dangers of a C-Section without stopping my blood thinner. It was time to call for help again - man do I hate being a "bother". However, I was told (again) that it is not a bother and that they were very glad I called. They called in a prescription which should help me stop throwing up long enough to get me to the Hospital and told me that I should probably go to labor and delivery that afternoon if I still felt dehydrated. I waited for Chris to get home from work and we headed that way. They ended up giving me 2 bags of fluid to get me started and then made me stay until I could keep down a cup of ice water and a cup of jello. Again, however, reassurance set in as it was the first time we had actually seen the Labor and Delivery area at that Hospital and it was one of the very first times that we told a nurse what our baby was diagnosed with and she had actually heard of the disease. Someone actually knew what it was!!! Feeling better, again, about something - things could look up! As I have always said - everything happens for a reason.

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