Tuesday, September 2, 2008

OI Type II - Another Utah Child

While at Shriners we got the chance to meet a great family with a toddler that has OI. I had corresponded via email with the Mother as I had been searching for others in the area who had gone through what we were going through but had never actually met her in person. While at our meeting at Shriners I had mentioned that I had been talking with this particular family and we were told that they just so happened to be there that day due to a break that their boy had suffered and was there having splinted. We were asked if we would be interested in meeting them and seeing Nathan for ourself. Boy, would we! It was so refreshing to meet this adorable little guy and know that they had been told the same thing - "Your baby won't live" and, yet, here he was - living proof that Doctors can be proven wrong.
While we were talking to the family they told us that a local news channel had just done a story on their little one the week before. Below is the link to the story.


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