Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New breaks

September 22, 2008 - Today I had a "checkup" with my new OBGYN. While there we took a look at Bailey (just because they know I like to check on her - ha ha). We got the CUTEST profile picture of her - her face looks just like her brother, Caleb. ADORABLE! I also got to see her arms and hands close up. It was VERY cool! First time I have been able to see her little fingers so well. (We are normally just focusing on all the measurements, not just "playing around" to see her.)
Just like the last few times, she was practicing her breathing which always makes me so happy to see. And today it was even at a pretty close to normal rate. Of course this is because I can help her so we can't guarantee that means anything when she is born but it is still so refreshing for me to see that she is trying to use those little lungs.
The Doctor did identify numerous "fresh" fractures in her little legs but not too many in the arms. Most of those were older fractures that were still healing. Her ribs, spine, etc continue to look fine. Now if we can just keep them from receiving too many fractures during birth!
8 days and counting .. it's almost Bailey's birthday!

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