Friday, September 19, 2008

A little more optimistic

Well this Wednesdays AFI, NST, and Ultrasound was FINALLY a GREAT DAY! Don't get too excited - there were no earth shattering changes, but any good news or improved news is a great day for me! :)
The NST looked fine and the AFI - well - my number went up again which isn't ideal but not a HUGE deal, either. It just means I need to be very, very careful with what I do so that we don't go into labor on our own. That would be a very bad thing with my blood thinner situation.
Then on to the ultrasound ... really nothing looked a whole lot different there. Arms/legs still extremely behind but all organs looking in perfect shape. And for the first time EVER, Bailey co-operated and let us see her spine good (she is normally laying on it so we can just see the sides). It looks awesome and has ZERO breaks as far as we can see! WOO HOO! The other good piece of news? Her thoracic measurement was a BIT better. The Doctor said not to get our hopes up and that she was still going to say it was the same as it has been - no better, no worse - because of the position Bailey was in. However, the number actually came up just a bit better - with her chest capacity being a little under 50% filled this time! ANOTHER GREAT THING!
The best part, however, was more of a feeling. I don't know how to explain it and it probably will sound very weird, but I got to meet with the Doctor that they have switched me to for the delivery. She has done our ultrasound reviews a couple of times so we had met before but now that she is actually doing my delivery, too, we talked about that for awhile. Of course we had to go over all the details about what they will do if Bailey doesn't make it and how it will be handled so we will have at least some time with her, etc, etc but then she went on to say that she really feels that that isn't going to happen. She feels a little more optimistic that they will be able to save her - at least at first - and that is something that has not been said for a very long time by anyone in that office. I also have a much better feeling about things. Maybe it is just wishful thinking, maybe it is hope .. but it is something .. mothers intuition?
As always, thanks for your prayers, thoughts, and words of love!
Less than two weeks and counting ...


Addison and Kristie said...

I don't know if you remember me. My name is Kristie Averett and I am in your ward. I was involved in the Daybreak Christmas Bazaar last year and met you then. Anyway, I was happy to find your blog. I had no idea of the situation with your baby and I just wanted you to know that many people are thinking of your family and keeping you in their prayers, myself included. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. Your courage and faith are amazing. I will be thinking of you in the coming weeks. Please know that the sisters in the ward love you and are here for you! You can check out our family blog...maybe it will help to put a face with a name!

Lars said...

I'm really glad you had some happy news and a chance to plan in case her time is minimal. I love you! I pray for you all! Hugs.

ccfawson said...


Never discount your intuition, it counts for a lot. Sounds like the doctor is feeling it too which is exciting and encouraging. Good, good news.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for not writting sooner. I work with Chris in the sign industry in Idaho and we have forged a friendship through humor. All I can say is what an amazing family and what amazing spirits you have. Since I have started working with Chris we have always seen the good and bad in the industry but somehow it always comes back to our happiness and the happiness is in our familes. You are strong people and have seen amazing progress. My family and I are saying our prayers for your family and keeping our thoughts strong! Shannon colbert and family.

Heather, Rob & Amelia said...

I am so glad that there was a bit of optimism from the doctor! Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, if you need ANYTHING call me!!

Jennie Stephens said...

What good news Jen! Days like thee make you truly appreciate the little things in life. You are amazing and I admire your strength. Your little girl is so lucky to be your daughter, and to have such a wonderful daddy and 2 adorable big brothers! I will see you at your shower!

chiara said...

What an angel you are. I'm so inspired by all that you've written on this blog. Wow!

We really should get Parker and Mason together to play. They would have so much fun! Let me know what days are good you and you can send Parker over to play...Mason would think he had died and gone to heaven!! :)