Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ultrasound - no real changes

August 11th, 2008 - This was our next scheduled ultrasound with the specialists. Once again we were told that the long bones (arms and legs) were getting further and further behind. Althought we were told in the beginning that there was a good chance that our little one would look "normal", it has become more and more obvious that that will not be the case. She will, obviously, have very shortened arms and legs that may or may not be bowed. They do perform rodding surgeries that can help with this but, most likely, she will be in a wheelchair or need a walker. Again, however, we can deal with these things - just, please, we pray that our little girl will live.

As we talked with the specialist after the ultrasound this time she indicated that she was considering having us do prenatal stress tests and AFI tests twice a week. She was struggling to decide, however, as she said that sometimes they may show something that would indicate problems that may not be "true" problems since Bailey already does have known issues. We made the decision to do the tests once a week to start and then switch to twice a week, if necessary, later. These would start the following week.

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