Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2nd week of AFI/stress tests

August 27th, 2008 - Today was the 2nd week of prenatal stress and AFI testing. They started, first, with the AFI. Again - another roller coaster ride during our journey. As soon as they finished the test I was told that there was too much fluid - my number was 28. I had no clue what this meant since the week before they had just basically said "you look good", so I asked. To me, too much fluid didn't seem like a problem. However, the nurse explained to me that 16 - 24 was normal (which means I was actually a little on the high side the week before, as well) and that 28 was too high. When I asked why having too much fluid was a problem she explained that too much or too little indicated a problem with the babys development. She then said that the perinatal specialist that read the results within the next 3 days would be calling me to tell me what steps needed to be taken next. Of course, as I always do when something "new" comes up, I went home to "google" the condition - polyhydramnios. Basically, I found out that this condition usually indicates some sort of birth defect or problem with the growth/development of the baby. We already know our baby has a birth defect so this research didn't overly suprise us. I did not hear from the perinatal specialist so they must not be too concerned. I am sure we will discuss it next appointment.
The "happy note" from this visit ... Bailey was practicing breathing!!! I was so excited. They said that it was actually a little slow but that she was practicing which means that there is lung development and she is trying to use them. This is what they have been so concerned about - that there would be no room for the lungs to develop - so I was so excited when they were able to show this to me. If we can just make sure that she does this after birth and knows how to use them - what a great thing that will be! Keeping our fingers crossed and our prayers coming.

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